Tailor-made support


Our expertise includes accounting, administrative management, auditing, accountancy, legal and tax advice as well as business advice.

Our family office structure relies on innovative and effective work processes.

Accounting and Auditing

We advise you in order to optimize your taxation. From the tax declaration to the creation of businesses, our team supports you in all your projects.

Tax optimization

We help you understand different types of taxes that are essential to the success of your business. We respond to any new tax issues and assist you in the development and implementation of your company’s tax structure.

Tax return

A simple or complex declaration, your tax declaration can be managed by one of our specialists in the field.


We can process your general accounts in order to have a clear view of the financial state of your business and to help you improve its performance.


Even if you do not yet have a location for your business, you can register with us to enable you to register in the commercial register. We will also provide you with a full range of related tax services (business creation, certification of accounts, etc.)

Business creation

To start this process, you must choose the most suitable legal form depending on your field and expectations.

factors taken into account

- Number of people involved
- Initial budget
- Commercial risk
- Degree of responsibility of the partners

Administrative support

We also offer you services such as secretarial and business administration.

life easier

We support you in
all your tax procedures

Benefiting from a long-lasting and varied experience, our employees will assist you to better understand your needs and help you integrate into the Swiss entrepreneurial system. We support you in all your personal and professional steps.

At ELC Group we offer specialized and multidisciplinary skills while using cutting-edge management techniques to optimize your professional interests.


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